Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tips for a Bigger Booty

-Maryam W.-

Nothing says sexy, feminine, and fertile like a nice plump healthy booty. Some people are blessed and others not so much, but whatever your mother did or did not give you can be altered with a few simple tips to get a bigger booty.

Eat Your Protein- The butt is a muscle and muscles need protein to grow. Lean proteins such as fish and chicken as well as soy are great recommendations. It’s a known secret that many women desiring a bigger butt drink protein shakes. Increase your protein intake to maximize your booty potential. Depending on your weight you should strive to eat a certain amount of protein per day. Be careful with tofu and other soy based products. Too much of a good thing can cause adverse effects.

Work the gluteus. The gluteus maximus (or glut├Žus maximus) is the largest and most superficial of the three gluteal muscles. It makes up a large portion of the shape and appearance of the buttocks. Exercises such as stair climbers, donkey kicks, squats, step ups, Hip extensions, one legged deadlifts, and walking up hills and lunges will activate and build the gluteus . Incorporate weights for a firmer well sculpted booty. Exercises should be done for no more than 2-3 times a week. Avoid the machines at the gym and work with free weights if at all possible. Low reps, high weights is a good rule to follow when working and building the butt muscle.

Take Herbal Butt Supplements – The name and concept may sound silly, but these pills generally contain phytoestrogens such as soy and other isoflavens that cause women to develop a curvier figure. They are effective and will work for some women. Results are curvier hips and a bigger butt with a possible 2-4 inch gain depending on your body type. Pills have to be taken for 2 or more months to see results. Costs range from $59- $200 for a bottle depending on the brand. Notable brands currently on the market are Curvier You(, Femimore, Dime Curves ( and BBB Formula,( Downside include increased appetite, possible weight gain and for some women bigger breasts. It should be noted that these are herbal supplements and are not FDA approved or regulated . * To investigate we tested three of the brands. With Curvier You we saw results in 2 months with a 2.5 inch increase in the butt and 1 inch spread in the hips * With Dime Curves results were seen in 3 months with 1.5 inch spread in the hips and 2 inch growth in the butt. We did not see any notable results with BBB formula after 2 months of usage and Femimore was too rich for our blood.

Buy booty enhancing jeans-Yes ladies and men we all know the kind that make the booty pop. These jeans are generally low cut, and tight in the rear. These booty jeans can be expensive designer jeans or cheap ones from a teeny bopper store. No matter what your price range you want to generally buy pants with a particularly short distance between the button and top of the inseam that generally fit tighter on the butt.

Wear butt or silicone padded panties-These panties have a padding to add extra plumpage to the butt area . They can increase your butt by 1-2 inches and generally tend to look great in jeans and slacks but fake in skirts and dresses. Generally inexpensive with some starting at $20, they are the bottom equivalent of the silicone padded bra. These panties will instantly give you what your mother did not, but the results are only temporary and until you undress.

Buy the Booty-Visit the Dr. If you have the money and the extra fat, you can simply buy a bigger booty. You can opt for a Brazilian Butt lift, implants or injections. Downside include, high rate of infection, painful recovery period, unnatural look and feel, no guarantee of desired results, and high costs. Upside included a bigger, rounder, shapelier butt.

Whatever you decide to do, a bigger booty can easily be yours with a small investment of time or money or in some cases both. So don’t despair, you too can have a bigger booty to fill out your jeans.


  1. how can u get curvier you if there is no website to order it from????????? that doesn't make any sense.

  2. The site is not up yet. I agree with Lady M. lol

    How can someone test a pruduct and come up with results when the product is not out yet? I'm interested in learning more abour CY. I do not see CY on ebay or anywhere else? When will you finalize the site? :-)

  3. Curvier You can be purchased from

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