Saturday, March 26, 2011

Curvier You Results!

We are so proud to post these results for Curvier You that are users have been so kind to share with us!

Dear Staff at Curvieryou,
I'm wring to share my results,a long with my notes and apply for a free order.

Hello Im a recent customer and I have seen improvments since using your products. I want to share my testimonial but I am requesting to keep my name and city confidential. As I am a mother of 7 and grandmom of 1. ( I'm 46 yrs. old) recently remarried my 33 year old husband. So wanted to give him some eye!

I received my shipment the 12/9/10. I started them the next day. I took 2 a day and immediatly started trying a workout routine. I was 163lbs to start. more stomach and thys than anything. So I just started trying to loose weight. After the first week I immediatly noticed a HUGE change of appetite. I was eatting like I was a pregnant women. I thought the pills had something to do with it but nevertheless I still stayed on schedule. I did an areobic excercise maybe 15 minutes 3 days a week and in between did situp maybe 15 to 20 every other night.

After 3 weeks I saw a difference but I seemed to have gotten a fatter belly and hips as well.
Begining of January I started changing my diet. Eatting less junkfood and more real food.
My appetite was still crazy. I craved more sweets and wanted to eat more. I was able to stick to my diet for part of january but by the end I wasn't on it.

It's been 9 almost ten weeks and you will see. I didn't loose much weight , did gain inches in my buttocks and hips. My stomach didn't go down and it looks even bigger.

I am challenging myself to loose 10lbs between Feb 11th and March 11th. I hope you send me a new bottle. cause I have 1 week supply left. I brought all whole foods today and plan to start with a lemon, cayeene peper water. It helps burn and flush fat ( red peper increases the circulation) This time instead of using the areobic excercise I'll focus on situps and walking, squats, & lounges .

I have more booty now and it has encouraged me to shape up and loose weight so I can see it better. I will send you pics of my results a month from today.

First pics were taken 2 weeks after I started this last pics were taken 7 weeks later. I have been very stressed from moving two weeks ago which knocked me off my workout schedule and eatting regiment. But I'm settled now and hope to get back on track.

Thank you so much for the encouragement " In the Bottle" lol. It definately works and I'm pleased so far.


After in the Blue.

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